What a Dish – Chocolate Mousse

What a Dish – Chocolate Mousse

Key Ingredient: Raw Cacao / Chocolate

This chocolate mousse recipe is the treat we all waited for at the end of the Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Spa Resort detox.  Creamy and delicious – while it was not on the detox menu itself, we were assured that with no sugar and two basic ingredients of cream and dark chocolate – that it is about as healthy as it gets for a truly foodgasmic chocolate mousse.


  • 1L Cream
  • 600g good quality dark chocolate (you may also like to use chocolate made from raw cacao)
  • Bacardi rum (optional)
  • Watermelon and/or pineapple hearts
  • Fresh mint


  1. Create a “bain marie” by boiling hot water in a saucepan, with a stainless steel bowl over the top.
  2. Place the cream and small pieces of the cut chocolate together in the bowl.
  3. Let the chocolate melt into the cream and then place the bowl aside.
  4. Allow the mix to chill for 15 minutes and then start to beat the chocolate cream mixture strongly with a whisk choc mousse whip
  5. After a while the mixture will become harder like whipped cream, which means the mousse is ready!
  6. Fill up the mousse in glasses or anything else you desire and garnish / serve with fresh fruits and mint.