Hotspot: La Masseria, Ragusa Sicily – Homemade ricotta farmhouse

Hotspot: La Masseria, Ragusa Sicily – Homemade ricotta farmhouse

Warm fresh ricotta every evening at 8.30pm

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On approach to Ragusa, one of our Venuti’s Sicilia Foodgasms tour guests asked – so why do you come to Ragusa?  My reply – they have the best chef in Sicily and they make the most amazing ricotta and ragusano cheese!

So naturally, on our first evening in Ragusa, we had a ricotta cheese making demonstration in store.  But this wasn’t just any demonstration – at precisely 8pm (ready for the fresh ricotta at 8.30pm), we were welcomed by Giovanni and his two beautiful daughters to their family home and farmhouse,  Hot Spot: La Masseria.

Looking out the small window of the ricotteria, Giovanni pointed to the cows that had been milked at 5pm that day (and every day).  Just enough milk to make a single batch of smooth warm ricotta, as well as separating the stronger top of the cheese to hang overnight – creating the Ragusano cheese.

We watched the ricotta being stirred, and the balls of cheese being hung out.. until Giovanni indicated it was time for taste testing.

At only 5 euro each – locals and family came to enjoy this melt in your mouth ricotta. Upon recommendation, the Ragusani eat it traditionally… with crisp bread soaked on the top, olives as accompaniment, and a glass of wine for those who wished to partake.

We have definitely never tasted ricotta as freshly made as this… and devouring it warm was such a special treat.   Texture always does it for us when experiencing foodgasms – and this soft, wet ricotta was just out of this world! xxx



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