Hotspot: nahm, Bangkok Thailand – Asia’s #3 best restaurant

Hotspot: nahm, Bangkok Thailand – Asia’s #3 best restaurant

Australian talent, David Thompson, creates the finest Thai cuisine in Thailand


In search of the world’s greatest Foodgasms, we naturally have been looking through the list of the  2013 World’s 50 Best Restaurants, developed by UK’s industry publication, Restaurant Magazine.

We were thrilled to see that the restaurant ranked #32 in the World, and #3 in Asia was actually the creation of Australian born chef, David Thompson.

nahm Bangkok is situated at the stunning and modern Metropolitan by Como, and follows nahm London which achieved the first ever Michellin star for Thai cuisine.  In Australia prior to this, David had established Darley Street Thai (voted Best Thai restaurant for 8 years in a row by the Sydney Morning Herald), and Sailor’s Thai in the Rocks.

Wanting to truly experience all of the strong, fresh flavours of this traditional Thai cuisine – we opted for the set menu (1800 baht per person) which alongside a selection of canapes, allowed us to choose one dish from every section of the menu – salads, soups, curry, relish, and dessert.

We loved flicking through the menu and picking our favourite dish from each page!

So what did we have?


Canapes: Pineapple with young coconut jam and pepper;  Smoked fish, peanut and tapoica dumplings; Prawn and coconut wafers with pickled ginger; and Salted thread perch with green mango on betel leaves.

Salad: Cured ‘hiramasa’ Kingfish salad with chillies, lime and mint

Soup: Crab and snake gourd soup with egg, pepper and coriander

Relish: Cured catfish minced with shallot, chillies and Thai basil served with grilled salted beef and vegetables

Curry: Aromatic curry of Wagyu beef and sweet potatoes with cucumber relish

Stir fried, steamed, and grilled: Sand whiting braised with tumeric, lemongrass and salt

Dessert: We shared a mix of Langan in scented syrup with Thai cupcakes; Durian and white sticky rice; fresh Thai fruit; Salted green mango; and Pandanus noodles with black sticky rice, water chestnuts, tapioca and coconut cream.


Hit the Spot?! 

The strong, delicious Thai flavours really woke us up (especially after our health retreat week!), and there were definitely Foodgasms on the menu.

For me personally (we all know different things turn each of us on in different ways :)

* 5 kisses, multiple foodgasms, was experienced with the Crab soup… I just couldn’t get enough of it and each time I took a spoonful the soft textures of the egg mixed with the crab, and the stunning flavour just blew my mind.

* 4 kisses, foodgasm, was also experienced at dessert time – we’re not even sure exactly what it was – but the strange fruit called Durian can both offend and delight.  With not the best lingering scent, the taste of this fruit is somewhat like caramel.  It can be amazing – but a warning: don’t leave it sitting around waiting on the table for too long.  Get straight into it.


The full menu for nahm is available here  and we look forward to, over time, sharing with you many more of the World’s 50 best restaurants.  Please let us know if you have been to any and your foodgasmic experiences too!

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